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Steel Utility Cart with Removable Sides and 15" Tires

Get the Heavy-Duty Gorilla Carts GOR1400-COM for All Your Hauling Needs - 1400-lbs. Capacity, Removable Sides, and 15-inch Tires!

- Large tires: The 15-inch pneumatic tires are designed to handle rough terrain, making it easy to maneuver the cart over uneven surfaces. The large size of the tires also provides stability and prevents tipping.
- Versatility: The Gorilla Carts GOR1400-COM is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of tasks, such as hauling firewood, gardening supplies, construction materials, and more. Its heavy-duty construction and large capacity make it ideal for both residential and commercial use.

The Gorilla Carts GOR1400-COM Heavy-Duty Steel Utility Cart is an essential tool for any heavy-duty hauling job. With a 1400-lbs. capacity, this cart can handle even the toughest loads. The removable sides make it easy to load and unload large items, while the 15-inch tires provide stability and maneuverability over rough terrain. The black powder-coated steel frame is built to last, ensuring that this cart will be a reliable tool for years to come. Whether you're hauling firewood, rocks, or gardening supplies, the Gorilla Carts GOR1400-COM Heavy-Duty Steel Utility Cart is the perfect tool for the job. Invest in this cart and make your heavy-duty hauling tasks a breeze.